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The City And The Venue


See Where The Conference Takes Place


To help you with your way around the city and the conference venue please consult the pratical information here: Practical information
About Vienna
The beating heart of Austria and one of the most beautiful places in Europe, where history, science and culture play a definitive role in modern city life.
We encourage you to discover this fantastic city through your own eyes. A great place to start is the official home of the Vienna Tourism Board.
About the WU Vienna Campus 
The conference will take place at Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU Vienna), in cooperation with the the Competence Center for Nonprofit Organisations and Social Entrepreneurship.
Apart from its impressive, award-winning architecture, WU Vienna’s modern campus also boasts a range of attractive dining options and publicly accessible grounds that encourage students, staff, and area residents to explore WU Vienna and enjoy its unique atmosphere. WU Vienna provides meeting places and open spaces and has given Vienna’s second district a whole new neighborhood.
For more information on how to get to Vienna or to get to the WU Vienna once you have arrived, please see the “Transportation” page here.
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