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Conference Themes


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Our carefully chosen conference themes are meant to trigger discussion about the current state and the future of healthcare clowning. We are inviting you to discuss and engage in these topics, bringing together these themes at the crossroads of culture, health and science.


Theme 1 - The professionalization of healthcare clowning
Healthcare clowning is increasingly becoming an indispensable part of the healthcare system. Working in very complex and sensitive environments and with very special audiences, professionals working in this field need the appropriate training and an operational structure. This conference theme explores the training and education, as well as the organizational and managerial frameworks supporting healthcare clowning.
Theme 2 - Healthcare clowning in society
Are we increasingly losing our ability to connect with other people on a deeper human level?
This conference theme focuses on the impact and potential of healthcare clowning and its contribution to society. The theme covers topics ranging from the diverse audiences targeted by healthcare clowning, the right to play and the right to access cultural activities, and the clown´s ability to directly intervene in challenging environments, thus finding new ways of relating to people.
Theme 3 - The pillars of healthcare clowning
This theme aims to explore the variety of underlying concepts in the field of healthcare clowning. Healthcare clowning covers various constructs that can shape the scientific research in this field and promote its further development. The study of healthcare clowning is interdisciplinary in scope and global in perspective, implicating various disciplines, including psychology, medicine, pedagogy, philosophy, anthropology or theatre studies. Topics of presentations within this theme will address the core concepts involved in as well as the disciplines addressing the integrative nature of the healthcare clowning field.
Theme 4 - The road ahead: global challenges and their impact on healthcare clowning
A rising number of issues in the global agenda are already testing the creativity and operating models of healthcare clowning. The fourth theme aims at encouraging debate on the current and future challenges of healthcare clowning and identifying ways of moving towards a happier, healthier and more inclusive society. Pandemics and non-communicable diseases (NCDs) are still challenging the global health system, and the communications revolution triggered by digital technologies is disrupting the way people interact with each other and deal with their health. Because global challenges, such as migration and demographics and health shifts, are already re-shaping the fields of activity of healthcare clowning.

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