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Welcome Message from Organisers


A New City. A New Focus. The Same Mission.

Dear Friends and Colleagues,
We are happy to welcome you in our city of Vienna to attend the Healthcare Clowning International Meeting on April 4-6, 2018 titled “The Art of Clowning - Connecting Culture, Health and Science”.

The aim of this conference is to stimulate discussions about all aspects of healthcare clowning. You will be amongst a broad range of professionals, including leading researchers, medical professionals, patients and, of course, professional clowns. We hope this forum will act as a springboard for interdisciplinary discoveries.

As healthcare clowns are increasingly becoming an integral part of the hospital environment, there is a serious need for the professionalization and research into this topic. We seek a wide ranging debate focusing on the various topics pertaining to clowning in the healthcare, social and development sectors and for new perspectives to widen the horizons of healthcare clowning.

It is hard to imagine a better venue than Vienna for these discussions to take place. Ranked as the number one city for livability for many years in a row, as well among the most innovative cities worldwide according to Forbes magazine, it seems inevitable that new frontiers will be explored.

You will thoroughly enjoy new discoveries in this vibrant city, rich in history, scientific innovation, culture, architecture and top cuisine.

The city offers the perfect background to the theme of the interdisciplinary programme, which is designed to address numerous current issues in a dynamic and interactive manner. The venues of the conference and of the social and networking events are simply spectacular.

We hope your entire experience will leave you enchanted about the possibilities and role of humour in healthcare.

See you in Vienna in 2018!

Monica Culen, Giora Seeliger, Edith Heller and Martin Kotal

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